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About Laurel

It is an ongoing pleasure to learn about the body. I am grateful to all those who have shared their knowledge and viewpoint. My style is really a combination of every training and great session I’ve received.

Most importantly, my session with you, the client, is a collaboration.

You can be assured that I will actually address the concerns you have. A simple relaxation massage can be the best choice for someone; a special issue of a neck that goes out on airplanes may need another approach that you can tell me about.

Here is a brief description of what I’ve learned.

Full spectrum… deep tissue to cranio-sacral…

I have been licensed to practice therapeutic massage in the State of Hawaii since 1993.

My interest in this area first started when I studied karate. Seeing the sensei so quickly fix a dislocation that there wasn’t even any swelling, made me want to know how to do that!

My initial teaching was the Zen Body Therapy technique. This is a combination of deep tissue, range of motion, and energy work. The creator of this method, Dub Leigh, was one of Ida Rolf’s initial students. He studied with Moishe Feldenkruis and was also a member of the healing faculty of the Rinzai Buddhist hongwanji in Kalihi, Hawaii. The energy work is rooted in daily meditation and focus exercises.

Another influence has been the beautiful cranio-sacral work of Milne. To have participated in those trainings was to drop into a world where the microscopic becomes a huge landscape! The slightest shift of a paper thin, sinus cavity bone might end an agonizing headache.

Having been a member of the first line of massage therapists at the Iron Man triathalon in Kona, Hawaii, has been a wonderful way to share my knowledge of sports and relaxation massage. When an athlete comes off a race that includes a two mile swim, a 110 mile bike race, and a marathon run, it’s important that any body work is extremely light. In this case, less is “more/better”.

Lymphatic drainage is another skill in which I’ve received training. This is particularly useful for people who have had surgery that has removed lymph nodes.

Remember, tell me what type of work you’ve had and we’ll structure the right session for you.

Aloha, Laurel