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Styles of Massage

Green Massage Kauai integrates years of experience to create sessions intended specifically for you and the goals you set. Simple relaxation sessions are a great way to go as well. Keep in balance and call Laurel at Green Massage Kauai anytime. A note from Laurel Petterson:

These are different modalities that I work in.
The important thing to remember that is that each session is tailored specifically to meet the needs of the client, so a session might include a mixture of several styles.

Normally I will get a very clear idea in advance of the type of work a client is looking for. In order to make that happen, here is a brief description of the styles in which I am trained.

This is the most common type of massage that is asked for.
All massage, whatever style, is aimed to relax the client. For those who have no particular needs that have be addressed, various pressure, strokes, and rhythmic patterns create an environment in which to enjoy a peaceful moment.

Deep Tissue
Deep tissue is a system which addresses the needs of connective tissue and literally deeply buried muscle mass.
Each muscle of our bodies in encased a soft tissue sheath that separates muscle from muscle. As we age, these connective tissues may become dry and fibrous and prevent the full range of motion of that particular muscle. There is also the problem of muscle damaged from injury or incorrect use or overuse. This type of massage will restore range of motion and allow muscle groups to function correctly again by breaking up adhesions and realigning the actual body of the muscle. It may be painful, but the pain experienced is often a muscle memory release of an injury or a negative event that is more an emotional component.
All of this is addressed respectfully and without a view to a particular outcome. Often an allowing of “space” as a felt muscle experience is enough to invite the body to fully release no longer needed adaptations to pain or injury.

Cranio-sacral Techniques
Cranio-sacral is an interesting system that is simultaneously feather light and connected to the deepest core of the body. Our cerebrospinal fluid is continuously pumped up and down the enclosed sheath of our spinal column. The pulse that a trained practitioner can feel while quietly “listening” to a client’s body can reveal where there are electrical energy blockages in the body created from muscle tension, injuries large and small, and disease. Although it is not appropriate or legal for a licensed massage therapist to diagnose or recommend treatment for anything other than soft tissue issues, cranio-sacral is an amazing tool whose benefits affect all systems of the body. A practitioner can shift delicate bony plates in the skull and restore freedom to a sinus sufferer, an injury to the lower back that causes a pinching of the sciatic nerve can be released by gentle manipulations.

Sports Massage
Athletes are often prepared for events with trainers who include a regimen of massage. A good analysis of potential weakness and risk factors by a skilled licensed massage therapist is invaluable . To receive post event massage is key to a quicker recovery It assists the body’s natural process of eliminating waste materials and restores a resting equilibrium that often takes much longer to reestablish without gentle manipulation.

Lymphatic Drainage
Our bodies contain several systems that circulate and cleanse. Primary is the blood, but the lymph is the core of our immune system and is responsible for moving waste, bacteria, and viruses. A clear liquid that travels through countless small pathways in the body, it is the home of lymphocytes that attack infection. As this liquid moves through all cells, it gathers the byproducts of metabolism and delivers them to the blood to be cleared from the body.
This type of massage mimics the natural motion of the body. Using simple movements that rely on gravity and the natural pulses of the body, this lymph fluid is aided in it’s circulation through the body. It is particularly helpful for people whose lymph nodes have been removed with surgery.